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Normal Americans are broke.
Normal Americans live paycheck to paycheck.
Normal Americans have a net worth that is not much more then their income.
Normal Americans lose sleep over personal financial matters.

Are you tired of being normal?
Then watch this presentation.
We will show you the problem and the solutions!
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Everything we share with you at Free Personal Finance Seminar is free. We will share with you all the personal finance knowledge we teach our clients. Many people ask us why we give all this great information away. It’s simple, we want people to get off the middle class treadmill and build wealth. If you are inspired to make this journey on your own, we hope you make it.  Sincerely, we hope you become wealthy.  If you do make it, please let us know! We want to interview you. You are one unique individual. 

The reality is information and knowledge alone is not enough to change your own programming. Reprogramming a human mind is a very difficult and long process. With machines you can just remove the bad code and reinstall good code. With humans, there is no way to remove the bad code. We can overlay the existing programming with better programming. One of the challenges with that process is the old code thinks it’s the correct code and the new program are invading viruses. Your pleasure and pain responses are usually all messed up by this old programming. You own mind and emotions are going to fight these changes. Most of our clients are families. Every member of the family is going to adapt and join in this process at different speeds and in different ways. The opportunity for conflict is exceptionally high! I can fill books with all the reason why it borders on impossible for someone to change their own programming.

Here is a quick analogy we can all relate to. Most people know we need to eat right and exercise for good health. Many people make New Year’s resolutions to diet and exercise. Have you ever been to a gym the first week or so in January? There are long lines at just about every piece of equipment. By February, the gym traffic is back to normal. I was guilty of this too, until I hired a personal trainer. I was in bad shape. The process of taking me from obese to healthy was over a year. I’m in good shape now. I’m happy with where I am and I’m doing a good job of maintaining my health. Knowing what I know now, if I decided I wanted to elevate my health to a new level. For example, run a marathon or become a body builder, I would hire a trainer to get me there. I can read all the books and blogs I want about body building and running, but in the end I know if I wanted to be successful, I need to be coached. 

If you want to go from middle class to wealthy, you have to change your programming. The fact is, you are where you are in finances, fitness, wisdom, relationships, spiritually and in every way that makes you unique because of your unique programming. If you are in a bad place financially, it’s because you have bad programming. If you are in bad health, it’s because you have bad programming. In a very general sense, your subconscious mind has been trained to lead you right where you are. If you want to get to a better place, someone that knows how to get there needs to work with you in a hands on, focused, personal and intense way to reprogram your mind toward your new better goals. You need someone that is strong and stern that will hold you accountable to your goals and plans. You need someone that is caring and encouraging when the process gets difficult. You need someone that knows the process and the objectives. You need a coach! 

Top athletes are coached. Many of you are aware top entertainment performers are coached. Are you aware that top executives and entrepreneurs are coached? The truth is successful people are coached. Do you want to be successful?